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How to be Sweet & Charming - Lesson One Part Two

Section 1
Lesson 1
Part two of Three

(the bracketed italic comments are mine - the rest is verbatim, caps and all, as written by Alma Archer from the 10 booklet set, How to Be Sweet & Charming, copyright 1939)

LET THEM PUBLISH all the books in the world about the "conformity" theory of dress psychology. I want my students to dress for the man
(I think she means screw the trends - dress sexy)

"MAN DOES NOT WANT A WOMAN to act to look in any manner that makes her sex a matter of doubt even at a hundred paces" said a well known writer.
(NOW we know why the wiggle dress came about!
Ever see a well made 1940s wiggle dress?
There is no mistaking that the girl in them is all girl!)

Womanliness is measured by the way in which the woman of a certain age conduct themselves. It is the rule of life that everything must change or die, and femininity, fortunately, is not excluded from the process.
(OK maybe its early but I had to read that three times. Is it me or do you expect her to say Unfortunately here? I would also like to note that "woman of a certain age" could have just as well applied to anyone over 24 back in those days so settle your panties down all you ancient ones out there *wink*)

WOMAN TODAY may smoke, drink and gamble without losing an ounce of femininity,
(now you're talking sister)

but many of them lose both charm and caste by their lack of subtlety in these customs borrowed from man.
(KNEW the bitch slap was coming - just knew good old Alma would not let us go to Las Vegas and order up those Cubans without at LEAST an raise of the eye and a tsk tsk.
I hate to hear what she has to say about drinking Scotch

MEN DON'T WANT THEIR WOMEN MANNISH. Smoking while driving a car, smoking while walking down the street or going through a hotel lobby only serves to lessen the difference between the sexes and to diminish the chances for masculine applause.
(Well I can't say I am going to disagree with anything here. This is obviously written far before our no smoking policies that are everywhere now. Walking through a hotel lobby in Canada or the USA with a lit cigarette will not get you a look of disdain but slapped with a big ole fine.
However, I would be remiss to point out that as a non-smoker I have never been openly applauded for that fact by a man. Never. Obviously I am doing something wrong, or maybe men have forgotten a rule or two themselves)

WOMAN'S JOY IN INDEPENDENCE will never replace the love of the right man
(sentimental me just went awwwww,
modern feminist me just gave her a raspberry)

The way to win in the game of love is for woman to use every device of feminine charm and intensify the contrast of the sexes

In Chinese, the two major types are known as Yin and Yang. "Yin" is the female principle standing for delicacy, softness, sweetness, gentleness. The "Yang" symbolizes the masculine qualities of strength, power, vigor and forcefulness. Health, strength, power vigor and forcefulness should and can be emphasized attractively by women with appeal for the opposite sex, without making a masculine type through unsuitable clothes choices.
(Is anyone else in awe that she managed to bring that point around to clothing choices? and did anyone out there actually understand that paragraph?
I think I have to drink far more coffee before starting this every morning.
Methinks women might have changed a LOT since her day or have they?)

Fragile ruffles do not correctly interpret the sports or "Yang" type of personality and temperament anymore then severe tailor-mades flatter the delicate little girl of winsome charms.
(Ahhh I get it - she is saying that even if you are a girl who is not a girlie girl,
you can still make it work and are obliged to. Be a girl but be who you are. Now THAT I like!)

End of Part Two of Lesson One


Part Three of Lesson One tomorrow. It seems to use famous woman of the day as examples of her Yin Yang theory. I stopped here because I think I will try to add some pictures of those woman. Feel free to leave comments and discuss.

If you missed the Introduction to the book and my new project, I am tagging all these posts with the tag How To Be Sweet and Charming.

Now go forth and be Charming and Sweet today and try to look like a girl for God's Sake


The Image Expert said...

The philosophy of yin and yang relating to clothing and personal style and body type is something that I have taught for years. This is part of why not all fashions trends work for every woman, her body type and personal style.



When I have shown up in my way too comfortable tomboy uniform, I had been met with comments by my fellow girl friends that I was basically giving them the fashion finger for not making an effort on their behalf.

I have since found out, that showing up daily with some intention of my personal aesthetic sense, made all the thank you's in the room go round.
We all want to be visual delighted by those who surround us, as well as be wowed by our winning personality. Who knew?

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