We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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The rephoto project

I recently bit the bullet and purchased a new camera and better lighting.
I also have a new mannequin.
I then got the foolish idea that I should redo most of the items on the site.
GREAT idea but terribly tremendous loads of work.

Les sigh.

The problem is that the clothes look so damn good with the new set-up that I am now committed. So I thought would post in groups of three or fours, the ones I have that I have changed as a do a group. You might have missed a fabulous dress becasue it was not the best photo or its been buried at the back end of the site.




Smart move!
...one I need to do.

Sandra @ DebutanteClothing said...

You bought new toys!! What lighting did you get? I'm looking to upgrade to large soft boxes. I'm also looking at a Canon Rebel-used.

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