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A Slew Of Gorgeous Clients!

This is just a complete show off post. I have had a few girls post or send me pictures of themselves donning their lovely treasures from Shrimpton Couture so I thought i would share. I don't have any lovely dress pictures of my own to share form New Year's as I generally avoid that holiday. My Guy feels the same - we are anti New Year even though I love to dress up my girls for their party fun. Just because I don't want to play doesn't mean I don't want anyone else to have fun

Mary Kay sent in this photo. She found this gorgeous 1950s red taffeta and velvet dress just a couple of days out from her big New Year's. I sent it overnight to arrive on New Year's Eve and then went promptly into retreat to say several prayers and Hail Mary's that
A. It would not get stuck in customs and
B. That it would fit properly and not leave her stranded and dressless the DAY OF

Obviously I have an in with the vintage gods of fashion becasue she looks fantastic and the dress was perfect!

Kristin also brought in the New Year in a Shrimpton Frock. I stole this picture form her blog K-Line. This dress is a shocking bright orange - you know that special hue they only produced in the 1960s? She then paired that shocking orange hue with shocking fuchsia tights. I think Kristin and I might be long lost sisters separated by birth. That kind of color pairing is the type that I sometimes suggest and its normally met by chocked looks - not of enlightenment but of well... shock. But now I have proof - it works girls it works! This was Kristin's first ever site unseen on-line purchase of vintage. I was pretty pleased to see it worked out so well.

And last, but certainly not least it fabulous Elena who writes the blog Fabulous Finds. This is from her blog post about her friend Shelley (on the left) who designs jewels and baubles. Elena went to a showing of said jewels and baubles and wore her 1950s rose coat that she found on the site. This was one of my fave pieces - its seriously stunning in person and Elena looks fantastic in it. Can you stand the pink shoes? OMG I love. Its also a great example of how you can mix in vintage pieces with thoroughly modern ones and it works.

And while I am mentioning Shrimpton Couture pieces being shown off - thanks to the Past Perfect Vintage Blog for showcasing this fabulous vintage Maurice dress , The Fashionista Lab, SF edition for posting about this 1970s Silver & lame dress and the Style Eyes fashion Blog showed the Glamourwraps some love AND the fantastic designs by Anita Quansah too!


fabulous finds said...

i SO love these posts...(not because i'm in it) but i really enjoy seeing the beautiful frocks that i drool over...on real people... =) and let me tell you...i love these outfits...how they were put together...and as a fashion consultant...kristin...you go girl! i love someone that thinks outside the box...you look amazing!! and the red dress...so perfect for new years! the belle of the ball...

HAL said...

that red taffeta dress is beautiful!


smashingbird said...

They all look soo fab, especially Mary Kay - that dress was made for her!

K.Line said...

Thanks again, Cherie, for making this such a fun experience. And the woman who sold the dress to you left me a post on my blog. I LOVE that. I love seeing how a beautiful piece of history goes from one person to the next.

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Elena always looks fab! Lovely client posts Cherie!!

laurakitty said...

Everyone looks lovely!

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