We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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What A great morning!

I woke up to see this beautiful post the Kelly - girl genius behind The Glamourai lable did on her new Obi belts:

{ announcing } orchid obis

after long last, i am pleased to report the release of my orchid obi belts over at shrimpton couture! first hinted at here, they are finally a reality!

handmade from vintage silk and gold-woven textiles, devised to be reversible and unbelievably versatile, they are designed to fit sizes 2-12 and coordinate brilliantly with all available glamourwraps. better yet, shrimpton couture is offering $55 off your total order when you buy both a belt & a wrap! what better excuse to treat yourself to some new faboo costumery?!?

and then

I popped over to Twitter and I saw this from Shana looking gorgeous in her re-worked 1950s cupcake dress from Re: couture
(a label that will be back soon -promise!)
Thanks for posting this for me Shana - I have been Dying to see you in it!

You can follow her on twitter here

1 comment:

Hanako66 said...

dying for the glamourwrap on the left! i may have to put my $25 off code to use!

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