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A Slew Of Gorgeous Clients!

Today is already a fabulous day because I get to show off some of my gorgeous Shrimpton Couture clients! I have said before that my clothes go off into the world and at the invitation of their new owners and girls, that they get the privilege of leading quite exciting lives!

Today's triple play of beautiful clients proves that theory in spades!

This little spotted 1950s faux fur coat attended the 2010 NYC Fashion Week and garnered its new owner a ton of compliments - and you can easily see why here:

That is "Princess Poochie", along with the gorgeous author of the blog Dream Sequins, attending a meet-up arranged by Deanne.

The Princess
(I love the whole Princess thing and am just using every excuse I can to call her that)
is also a blog author and runs the blog Shoe Daydreams
(guess what topic caused the two of us to "meet" on twitter?)

Both girls are on twitter so if you want to follow them - click here and here

Judy, of Atlantis Home fame, chose to wear her Shrimpton Couture Malcolm Starr dress when she spoke at the Chictopia10 Summit in New York during the 2010 Fashion Week. I have featured her here before and she also showed this dress off on her blog. I love that she wore this dress to this event. It's so easy to try to "out-do" everyone during fashion events by wearing the latest and greatest, so to wear vintage, and to wear in in such an elegant, grown-up fantastic kind of way, with just the right amount of chic, proves that you don't have to be bound by the current trend in order to look effortlessly fabulous!
One can only say....
Bravo Judy!

Judy's daughter Jane is the wonder girl behind the insanely popular Sea of Shoes blog -
that is where I scooped this shot from - thank you!

(Follow Judy on Twitter here & Jane here)


And it is with a certain amount of sentimentality that I share this last set of pictures. You see I bought this 1950s full sequined checked pink & cherry gown years and years ago. In fact, I do believe it was one of the very first more"formal" pieces I ever bought. I never wore it - not even once, yet it followed me through a million moves as I landed here and there in my travels. I just could not give it up, even though it did not suit me at all. I always felt it had some little bit of magic and was waiting for "something". It always made me think of glamorous, fabulous girls who would wear it to parties and then end up barefoot in the park in the wee hours of the morning in it.

Silly, I know.

I finally deemed this last year, that it was time for it to find its proper girl. A girl who would give it the chance to have its proper adventures, and its proper glamorous place, in some lucky girl's life.

So you cannot even begin to imagine my pleasure when Lucinda sent me these shots.

She wore that fabulous checked sequined dress to High Tea on the night of the Sydney Festival. She paired it with a fantastic Pierre Cardin pendant that she wore in memory of her father, Peter who she says was a Leo.

I LOVE the juxtaposition of the 1950s extremely girlie old Hollywood piece, paired with the edgier, mod, Cardin piece. This was a stroke of styling genius as its not an obvious choice but once you see it you want to do a version of it on your own.

All of these photos where taken by her friend Hamish Ta Me, a well known Australian Vogue photographer who also likes to do street photography - and the girl in the blue is Lucinda's & Hamish's friend Lucy Qian, who is a model and actress in Australia.
Lucinda styled Lucy for this event.

Lucinda also sent me these photos of Festival night, taken by Hamish.

I think my lovely little checked dress that I carted around for all those years has found exactly the right girl - don't you?

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