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Gorgeous Client Post - Elena of Fabulous Finds!

One of my mostest favouritest girls and clients has to be Elena - she is just straight out "good people" know what I mean? She is also wickedly funny and writes a great blog. She is also a bit of a vintage coat addict (you know I am not telling anything here but the truth Elena)

She has a few Shrimpton Couture pieces in her closet by now and I was pleased as punch to get an email from her with a picture to share!

The coat is an lightweight 1960s gold thread brocade and I adore how she has made it day-time perfect by pairing it with creams. This is a piece most people would have let sit in their closets, reserved as a topper for an evening ensemble and instead Elena let it see some sunshine. It's a great styling tip and she looks smashing!

1 comment:

fabulous finds said...

thank you for your sweet post...
yes...i confess...i am a vintage coat addict =)
everytime i have worn this piece...i am stopped several times to be asked its origin...hoping it will get some new clients back to you!

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