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how do you store your vintage coats/jackets...specifically those with fur collars?

Hello Elena! I am actually pretty lucky - I have a cold cellar here so throw a rack down there in the summer and anything with fur or feathers goes there. You can have them professionally stored of course but for a fee. At worst hang them out of direct sunlight in a cool place and with room enough so the fur is not crushed. It is really best to get as cool temperatures as possible so if you really love it pay the bit to have it stored properly. and the best tip I can give - have it cleaned before storing! This will keep your coats fresh and let them have a longer life. UNLESS your coats are really old (like 20s or earlier) Then find a really good cleaner, have them fill out a few questionnaires, get a dozen references and then let me interrogate them before you trust them xoxox

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