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Expect lots of vintage....

In the new SATC film due out soon, here is Kim Catrall looking decidedly retro in whatever this scene is for.

All fab pieces yes, but this does serve to show you the possible error in dressing vintage head to toe. A modern girl should change out that bag and add current shoes and voila - the entire look is changed. Or keep the bag and add new shoes and ditch the hat (which I love by the way - don't blast me in the comments- am TOTALLY pro hat).
Hell just change those damn granny ass shoes!

I know its for a movie so does not really count fashion wise, but it is a good styling example. She does look hot in that retro hair and make-up though!



One of my savvy readers is correct 0 this is actually a still from ANOTHER project Kim is filming - called Any Human Heart (who knew they did other movies? Its hard to remember that with the onslaught DELUGE of SATC promos, no?) Even if its a period costume for the film - the above rules still apply


CC said...

The retro scenes were apparently decoys so that people can't make out what the film is about. And then they wonder why people in this industry aren't sane. Go figure, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this is actually from a set of a different movie she's doing...

noye studios said...

regardless of the reasons, i'm totally diggin' that coat!!! i'm currently faux-leppard-coat-less at the moment and it makes me very sad. :(

fabulous finds said...

wow...i would not have thought that was kim cattrall...i guess if it is for a period piece...then the outfit works...but i'm with you...it is about mixing vintage with current pieces...
oh and...i am so lusting after that coat...lovely!

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