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Here's What I Know

People always ask me to divulge secrets - where do I get stuff? How do you find out about labels? How do I clean stuff......the questions are endless. I always have the best of intentions to sit down and post these long intellectual posts but then running my little empire (as I alone affectionately call it) gets in the way and well.....
I don't.

So I decided to just post little bits here and there as I think them up and decide they might have some relevance.

So here is one of the things I know

"Just because it has a label doesn't mean it can't be butt F(*&&)K ugly"

Every designer has made a mistake. I don't buy ugly (or try not too anyway) Don't you either. There is too much of it in the world already - why add to it?

That being said sometimes one persons ugly is anther's extremely collectible and worth a damn fortune. This has happened to me - I have turned down ugly only to find out it was some important piece in the designer's career and I could have retired to a beach house.

So if you are going to get into this business, or all yourself a collector, don't be an uneducated sot. It's hard to know it all, but try.
Try Hard.

And despite the lack of a beach house (yet) given the choice,
I still would error on the side of beauty

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