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Here's What I Know

A woman once told me that one of the secrets to a successful business was to realize that most people just want to be told what to do.

It was the reason (from a purely fashion point of view), she explained, that people hire stylists, read fashion magazines so they know what's in and what's out, wait list for yet another bag or shoe. Her list went on and on.

As I run my own little group of companies I tend to think she was right


I sometimes want to find her and over a nice cup of coffee,
let her know,
that in my experience

girls who wear vintage tend to be the ones doing the telling


Christie said...

I agree - your clients want to be told what to do. BUT I totally agree with you that women who wear vintage set their own standards and trends!

Diya said...

So true! vintage is so timeless as opposed to the latest trend on the runway... which is why i'm drawn to 20's and 80's detailings and 50's silhouettes.


Mrs Gorman said...

Charmant!!! X

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