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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Lots of stuff happening right now! But let's start with the fun stuff - I love love love when clients send in pics and am always happy to share them

First up is my gorgeous client Sofie in her Glamourai necklace
(oh and she happens to be wearing it to go to dinner whilst in FRANCE - go ahead hate on her just a teeeny bit for that - I do *wink*)

you can follow the adventures of her globetrotting ways on twitter here

and this morning I got an email from Natasha who is a long time client based in Montreal. She played dress up on her fabulous cousin Nicole photoed her in her Norwegian Wood for Shrimpton Couture harness and sent me the picture

Natasha also asked me to share with you that Nicole is currently in a fashion contest sponsored by Reitmans and is now one of the top 9 finalists (from an original entry number of 1800!!). Vote here on her daily outfit and help her grab the top spot!

Nicoles outfit for this week
Is that the most good girl/bad girl contrast you have ever seen or what?

Shows you what styling can do to a girl!

Canadian voters can win a $500 GC from Reitmans so go vote!!

and speaking of contests you might have noticed we added a couple more badges this week to our side bar! Every year Lulu's Vintage Blog awards a Peoples Choice for their favorite Vintage shops on-line and also has a Top Ten Vintage Shops On-line Award. I am very happy to tell you that we landed on both lists and that Shrimpton Couture topped the Top Ten list this year to grab the number one spot!

It's all due to my wonderful clients (that's you!), my fabulous buyers; Karen, Christine & Linda who are relentless in sourcing the best of the best, Alex who is my right hand girl and is always happy and eager to take on any challenge, the UBER talented designers who work with vintage to give it a new life - Kelly of the Glamourai, Christine who is behind RSVP, Angie of Norwegian Wood, Michelle who designs Simone's Rose VGL and the talented Anita of Anita Quansah, the interns who toil away on their own time, the gorgeous models - like Meghan, Emily, Eve, Alex & Ainsley to name just a few of the regulars, my uber fantastic web guy Emilio who puts up with my constant whip cracking and all the other people who help make the site what it is and My Guy - cause really - he is the one who has to put up with it ALL every day. And he does so with the greatest of patience and charm!

Because its always good to give back a little, I am super happy to tell you that I will be involved in this year's Frugal fashion Week here in Toronto:

and here is the part that will involve Shrimpton Couture and MOI

This is a FABULOUS opportunity for young and upcoming designers so if that is you go to the Frugal Fashion Week website NOW and get your portfolio in. The organizers would like to confirm the designers by June 10 - hustle hustle peeps.

Don't give up reading quite yet - there is MORE

See this cover

GO BUY IT - cause your truly is in this issue!
Yep for real! I am part of a story running in the July issue!

Lisa Tant (Flare's editor-in-chief) posted a quote from the article on twitter yesterday and it ended up being a top tweet!

I am very excited - its a dream come true to land in a magazine I have read since I was a teenager! I am sure their sales will go up substantially just from ME alone and by that I mean I will probably clear out a magazine rack or two all by myself.

Last but not least - I was asked to join 1st dibs a few months ago and have been mulling on whether to go ahead or not and I am pleased to announce that I have decided I am up to the challenge and will now be a part of their Vintage and Haute Couture section! Its a great honor as the dealers there are truly tops at what they do and I am really pleased to be joining that group!

and THAT is it

(for today anyway)



Anita said...

Congratulations Cherie. An achievement indeed. So happy for you

Sutton said...

congrats on the feature, and top tweet!!

that harness is amazing!
let your readers know about my missoni give-a-way!!


Natasha Vincent said...

Oh Cherie, you really do live up to the French translation of your name! Thanks for mentioning Nicole.

Now, for your kudos: Wow! You're so hot right now. I got a subscription to LouLou after finding out about you there a few years back.

Now it's time for an Elle subscription too: they obviously have good taste!

To greater and greater success, Cherie!
Natasha Vincent

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Wow Cherie! You busy girl!! I am so happy for you and all your great accomplishments. I am extremely happy that you were accepted to 1st Dibs!! You have proven yourself girlie!!

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