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A beautiful dress is a beautiful dress

Girls, modern couture is a wonderful thing and there will always be talented designers as fashion moves ahead and I realize that not everyone "gets" vintage


Sometimes you see a picture of a dress, and you realize that the dress was made in the 1930s or 1940s and then you do that math in your head. And yes, that does add up to 70 odd years ago. Now think of what YOUR perception of what things must have been like 70s years ago is. Bet most of you are thinking pretty archaic, grandma days (or great-grandma for some of us).

Now that I have you in that state of mind - how does that perception match up with this stunning Schiaparelli dress?

Its not hard to "get it" when you see a dress like this


Sue Jack Designs said...

Schiaparelli never ceases to amaze me. I recently did a short post on her and I could have spent days doing the research because she was, and still is, so very interesting and talented.
This dress is amazing....my 13-year-old daughter fell in love with it, too. Schiap appeals to all ages and types of people...she designed something for everyone. I think that is what makes her such a unique designer....

fabulous finds said...

just stunning! at the last aici convention i was at...one of the speakers did a whole talk on schiaparelli...i was absolutely mesmorized...

TeeAndCake said...

.. GORGEOUS !!!!!

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