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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Its all about Proportion


I share this image of Jada Pinkett Smith for two reasons. First she is a die hard vintage fan so she automatically gets face time and props on this blog. And second because she is a girl who knows exactly what proportions to wear for her frame to make herself look as tall and lean as she possibly can. The booties are a neutral color and hit just at the top of the ankle bone - any higher and she would have chopped off her leg and made it look short. They also curve slightly down - if they were cut straight across the effect would be entirely different. The parallel asymmetrical angles sides on both top and bottom make the eye go up - the effect - lean lean lean. The shoulder detail is dramatic but not overwhelming and its offset with a simple bob.

And in case you did not know already - Jada is only 5 feet tall!

Gorgeousness from top to toe!
picture: people.com

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