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Most Days....

when I see any of the cast of Mad Men in modern day garb, I have these queasy moment while the universe realigns itself. You find yourself SO immersed in their characters that is the oddest thing to see them dressed up in our current fashions. Plus (and I hate to say this because I love that show - like LOVE), plus, most of them, well, they don't always have the best style sense shall we say?


So when I saw this pic of January Jones I had to share - this outfit is oddly appealing to me - its rocker chic to be sure, but she somehow manages to retain just a touch of Mrs Draper in the lace, yet its just the faintest, most elusive touch that one could probably argue is NOT there. Which is why it works. It looks planned and effortless at the same time!

Well Played!
Pic: People.com


Toi said...

A black lace top will make just
about anything work.

Your necklaces are eating my
brains out - LUV! Especially the
Grapes & the Moroccan.

TeeAndCake said...

hi!! to me this outfit is not so bad!! i love the top actually, maybe i'll change only the shoes into flat ones and a bigger bag maybe a black 40cm birkin!! love your blog! bye :)

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