We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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If you happen to be in London...

Please pop by Selfridges for me Thursday and gawk-in-awe on my behalf at the Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibit. About 200 of the designers iconic shoes & boots will be on display, with pieces from both current collections and the archives. The exhibit will include what is perhaps one of THE most famous pairs of shoes in the entire world -  the pair worn by Naomi Campbell when she made her infamous catwalk fall and graceful (and adorably, giggly) recovery - setting a virtual "how-to" precedent for all future falling runway models. And the shoes are still f*cking fantastic even after all this time.


PS If you are just a fashionista baby and just went huh? Just hit the arrow....


katie kirby said...

The exhibit was incredible!

naomi said...

The best part about your bog is that one can always see 'you' in each of your post. Perhaps thats what they call being original!

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