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Gorgeous Client Post - Sarah Nicole Prickett

Things have been a bit of a whirlwind with doing the Fashion Television's 25th Anniversary party Catwalk retrospective (items will be on the site tomorrow!!) AND doing some serious party hopping during TIFF - and I do owe you all some BIG posts on just those things but in the meantime .....

I have to show off the beautiful SNP, one of my fave writers and now an official Shrimpton girl. Last summer when she interviewed me for Fashion Magazine we got just a teeny bit off-topic and ended chatted about fashion - big surprise huh? She told me that she was on a bit of a paisley kick but it was hard to find good paisley pieces (that is becasue there are only four in total world wide I think lol). Always up to a challenge, I promised her on the spot that I would find her the most fantastic paisley dress she had ever seen.

The result?

A 1960s fully (and I do mean every square inch) sequined mini dress in black, turquoise and lilac, that in no way should work and yet it does. It is one of the four good paisley pieces in the whole wide entire world. Not only does it work, but it works on her and its F**ing fantastic on her.

Here it is under a leather jacket at London Fashion week and she has promised some more pics so you can see it in all its fabulisiousness


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