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Celebrate Morton Myles!

My friend and collaborator with his fab in-shop Shrimpton Couture boutique - David Sheflin; is throwing a party to celebrate the career and work of American designer Morton Myles! Morton lept to fame as a young designer when Jackie O infamously wore his dress on the cover of LOOK magazine.

Funny because if you think if it, Morton is the equivalent of a modern day Thakoon or the myriad of other young designers that Michelle Obama has catapulted to fame by wearing their designs!

Myles began his career working under American greats, Larry Aldrich and Herbert Sondheim (a personal favorite designer of mine BTW). He also designed for Malcolm Charles - which was a division of Malcolm Starr, another favorite label of mine, so I am a little heartbroken I won't be there in person to meet him!

I have only had the privilege of selling one of his pieces so far but it was a beauty! It was actually one of his pieces that he designed while doing the Malcolm Charles label. You can see both his aesthetic in the cut of the dress, combined with the influence of the Malcolm Starr label with that vibrant print, check it out here. Maybe the fashion gods will align the universe and that lucky girl who snagged this dress so long ago happens to be near or live close to Phoenix and can attend wearing it. One never knows (but if it does happen you better damn well send me a picture cause I honestly just am throwing that out there lol)

Sadly I am WAY across the country (and in a whole different one if we are being technical) BUT both David has graciously allowed me to extend to all of my lovely readers and clients a special VIP invitation to go to the party in my stead! If you are nearby please do RSVP David your attendance (details below) and do pop by and say hello to David and Morton Myles for me.

And if you feel very brave and have had a champers or two - perhaps give Mr Myles a hug for me and tell him I said thank you for his contribution to fashion?


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