We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I saw this image on The Sartorialist and it caught my eye. The girl in the photo is obviously wearing a few vintage pieces (shoes for sure, fur scarf and dress a good bet) and even if that dress and scarf are not vintage, they easily could be. That's a late 40s, early fifties day dress whether its original or if its just a case of some designer that has taken full creative license and decided to do a full on copy - its vintage or vintage should-be. 

I am sharing it with you though, NOT, because what she is wearing is all potentially vintage, but for the sheer fabuloushishness of the styling. The addition of that little bit of fur at the neck to offset the chill of a fall day and add some luxe to a day ensemble....the shoes that bring out the dot in that gorgeous dress. All good sound styling decisions, no?

But. The. Tights

To have the audacity, the genius, the sheer bravery, to throw on summer sky blue, tropical ocean blue, Bright, Bold, opaque, BLUE tights and combine those tights with that red dotted dress?!?! Genius! Whether you like it or not it is genius. 

It's not a "pretty" outfit. It's an in-your-face, notice me, because I am kicking ass today outfit. Today, I will make my statement to the world today and my statement will be in blue - the world may then interpret that as you wish. 

And for Scott to have caught this moment in front of the yellow can in the backdrop. 

More genius. 

Add your own dash of genius to an outfit today - I challenge you to do so - go forth and be a styling genius!

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Beautycountry said...

There is that dress again...so fabulouse!!

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