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Yesterday I was waiting for My (late) Guy to get his butt back so we could get to our dinner plans and flipped on the TV to see the new Marilyn Dennis Show make is debut. I was super excited to hear the guest list as my friend and super fabulous girl - Lisa Tant (she is the genius EIC behind the newly revamped Flare Magazine - if you have not flipped through an issue in years, go grab one - its really good now) She looked and sounded great!

I am on a mission to watch this show daily - it's homework for me as I have been asked to be on it. Crazy huh? I won't make an appearance till late February or early March but will keep you posted - promise!

TV is a funny thing - part of you wants to be on it and part of you is terrified you might find out you do something odd with your face or have some weird twitch you are not aware of and then there it will be. Not that it wasn't already but the point is that YOU did not know and now you will. Silly but true.

I have not mentioned this before but this is actually not my first encounter with TV land, I shot a "sizzler" for a TV show last year. I was contacted by an agent in NYC and My Guy and I flew down and met with them. They ended up having us film a promo reel here in Toronto but somewhere between the initial meeting and the actual final concept....well it got silly. I have to say my heart was not fully into it. It was not really a representation of me in my entirety so I was not surprised when it did not go anywhere. At the time I did not say a peep to anyone but a small circle of friends. TV is this weird half world where there are people telling you it will be fabulous and its all about you and yet its so NOT. I can't say I am unhappy it did not go anywhere and I can't say I would never explore the idea again either, but I can say I have a much better idea of what to expect and what not to expect. It was damn fun to do though! It makes one feel quite fancy.

I did learn that the "reality" of reality TV is staged to a great degree and one finds themselves in the weirdest position at times where you have just had a real, unscripted conversation with someone, turn around and are asked to "just have that conversation again so we can re-shoot it from this angle".

You try it - not as easy as it sounds.

In my own little non-TV world, Alex and I (Alex is my super right hand girl and does a ton of the behind the scenes work in getting stuff up onto the site for you all to see), posted a ton of gorgeous new items in the last couple of days.

This first grouping is wonderful! All color and brightness - the neck-pieces are original designs from the Simone's Rose designer - her name is Michelle and she is based here in Toronto now. She uses vintage Kimono fabrics as her base and then makes knock -out pieces. More of her items can be found here.

The little bright color blocked unlabeled dress in this set turned out to be a Giorgi Sant'Angleo! LOVE when you can verify a dress to its designer - label or no. It's a steal of a deal at the listed price for what it is!

This next set is delicious - all prints and pretties - the details and texture and colors in these three - I DIE. The first is a twenties silk cut flapper - the colors are sublime. The next is a Galanos and the last a spectacular late 40s gown with an I Magnin label!

I really have been screaming behind the scenes over the recent pieces coming in! Sometimes I am myself astounded at the pieces that come my way. If someone had told me 10 years ago that one day I would have all these fantastic pieces of history in my hands I would have laughed - goes to show you that you never know where your life will go.....

Hope you like them too!

Since this seems to be rapidly turning into a mile long post, I will wrap it up and share the picture I posted on Twit pic last night. I don't always wear vintage head to toe (and please don't any of you either!) - I think it should be mixed in with modern pieces and for me that means pieces I think will be "future vintage". I do have to admit that I buy my modern day portion of my wardrobe with the same eye as I buy for the shop - I try to buy clean designs with a little "punch". That is why I could not resist this jacket from Celine - which is perhaps the hottest brand in the market these days.

I wish you could see the fabric (and I wish I had smiled) - its super thick and stiff - sounds horrid but ts not. Its almost like a canvas on a sail. It's genius and when I saw it at Holt Renfrew I had to have it and just told them to ring it through and NOT tell me the total. (works every time - though you absolutely did NOT hear that from me - I will deny deny deny) 

Celine just released their pre-fall 2011 and I am already drooling - The stark simplicity of these will contrast perfectly with my MOST over the top beaded, crazy ass vintage pieces. Yeah I know that is not how they are supposed to be worn but I am going to do it anyway! 

These are some of my faves....enjoy and we will chat again soon....

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