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oh what a life.....

harper's bazaar has these fantastic pictures of ms liza minnelli back in the day. she was joined at the hip with with my personal fave designer the great halston so i felt compelled to share...those were the days alright...studio 54...bianca jagger....disco...

man what i would give for a time machine...and liza's halston archives.

liza if you ever stumble across this blog (please fashion gods make it so) and wonder who to entrust your halston pieces to one day....i'm your girl baby, i'm your girl

liza and bianca releasing doves in studio 54

liza in halston, with halston and warhol - looking fierce girl!

with halston, in haslton 

killing it on the dance floor

cover girl - notice the lashes - kim kardashian eat your heart out 

and now you must jump to harpers bazaar's website and read her interview 
its a must read for a vintage & halston lover


ps - still have your own original vintage halston pieces - email me - i buy!



Yes, I must read.

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Shrimpton Couture said...

That I know! Shrimpton Couture is on 1st Dibs!! :) love my fellow dealers!


Mo said...

I just finished reading a biography of Elizabeth Taylor and Halston featured hugely in her life too. She wore a lot of his designs in private and on film. A few stories about Studio 54 there too.

Leah said...

Swwon! Such an eternal diva... love the doves.


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