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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I have been adding a ton of some of the best 1920s-1940s gowns I have ever had and there are more to come - let's just say I stumbled upon a really really fabulous source! In honor of these fabulous finds I had to share these recent pictures I have found of some gorgeous print gowns from the period.

I think because we see most images from these eras in black and white, we forget how brilliant the colors would have really been - just check out some recent gowns posted on my site and you will see that it certainly was not a B&W kind of world.

These images are a gorgeous array of stark black and white prints at first glance, but isn't it fun to imagine what brilliant colors these gowns are?

(check out the Shop by Era sections of the shop to see all the recent gowns posted and watch the shop today and tomorrow for more!)

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