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in yesterday's post i showed you some original pictures from the 30s and 40s that were shot in black and white. i pointed out that you tend to think that the dresses in the pictures were black and white but that is not necessarily the case.

in direct contrast i can't resist posting this picture that is in full technicolor glory. same time period, but it gives you an idea of the exuberance of the fabrics that were being used. funny how a picture can give you a completely different outlook, isn't it?

yesterday portrayed woman as regal, statuesque, creatures that probably spoke with a soft accent and lived a cream colored world where everything was done for them. today we see a woman from that same time period who exudes warmth and quite, joyful confidence. she lives in a multi-color world and might even cook the occasional breakfast for someone (if she is really in love).

amazing how a shot of color can make a difference in perception.

One of my readers had that funny deja vu feeling when she saw this post and it was driving her nutty where she had seen the print on this dress before.... mystery solved! Go check out this post on her blog 

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Miss Cavendish said...

The pattern on this gown drove me crazy for a bit: where had I seen it before? Then it dawned on me that a handbag designer has been using it. I've posted chez moi about this amusing (to me) connection.

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