We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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if you think this is a new idea

these prada sunglasses are the coolest - i think they are crazy fabulous, and uber fashion forward girls like anna dello russo have already been spotted in them.

and i cannot resist posting the prada video that they appear in just in case you have not seen it - it is a little two minute miracle of creativity

they are just crazy and i am praying that a) i can get my hands on a pair and b) don't look like an idiot in them but rather some exotic butterfly like these gorgeous girls from the runwau do....

how can you not love??


If you think this kind of wild child eye maniac craziness is a whole new thing under the sun....uh uh oh ye babies of the new world. feast your peepers on these wild child of their days

(and this is just some of the craziness - if you have even nuttier vintage version send em to me and i will add em)

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