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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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strolling through time

judy, jane and I are going through old blog posts to try to hunt out pictures of some of the items they sent to me for their upcoming featured closet event on shrimpton couture (mark your calendars - we are working towards launching it this saturday). i love being able to share some of the items in action with you but even with two girls with such well published lives this is not an easy task. both are avid bloggers which means there are pages and pages and pages and pages of posts to go through in each of their blogs - time consuming yes, but serious fun at the same time!

you forget just how fantastic these blogs are until you dedicate a block of time and skim back through them. jane often posts pictures that inspire her and while going through her back-posts i found these pictures and was inspired to share them with you! (btw can i just tell you that switching to a mac has changed my blogging life? that feature to pull a pic off a web page and be able to re-size and crop pics in two seconds in their preview - love!)

i have been hunting for a chair for my "office" in the condo to go with my 1970s elephant tusk & glass maison janson table. a chair like this done is a high gloss lacquered black would be perfect. (or maybe pull a color from my insanely colorful lana gomez painting that is slated for that room - pink maybe?) 

you can bet i will be hunting some of the asian type furniture stores in the next couple of weeks and then making a trip to a home depot for a diy project.

i love love love this tiger stripe sequin jacket - it's like the jungle version of my own sequin halston piece and anyone who knows me, knows there is not a sequin that i have met and that i have been able to resist. 

apparently this is one of the most wanted pieces they have ever posted. i am already campaigning to be given first dibs on it should it ever be weeded out of their collection. i will use any force necessary and i am cunning and ruthless and abide by the all's fair in fashion and war mandate,
so back off bitches
back off

see sequin comment above
is this not the most insanely cool one piece jumper, like - ever?
never have i lusted for a man's outfit like i lust for this
so wrong and yet so right

one of my holy grails 
i have a ton of hanae mori but this butterfly caftan is the one that would be the pinnacle of my collection. if you have one do not even whisper, hint, or imply that you do, unless you are offering to send it to me in which case why have you not already sent the email meanie?

last, verushka, one of my favorite models ever. i had not seen this particulr shot of her before and it's not only stunning and romantic and sexy all at the same time, but it perfectly captures my mood today -  joy and contentment that spring seems to be finally here.

have a lovely, lovely vintage filled day

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