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Then vs Now

Every once in awhile I spot a piece in a recent collection whose reference is so completely drawn on an earlier version I do a double take. Normally this happens cross designer - a modern day designer uses a reference from the past ......we have all seen this happen right?

I get frequent updates from all the big sites out there - I firmly believe knowing what is happening now as well as knowing the past is important to doing what I do. Plus I like to shop - hell the very best outfits are almost always a mix of old and new! That's just fab girl closet rule number one!

This morning I was browsing through the new pretties for spring on Net-a-Porter and happened to click on today's Now

This is Spring 2011 Calvin Klein:

It immediately brought to mind today's Then
Spring circa 1980's Calvin Klein:

Sans sleeve and a color change - these are remarkably inspired by the same theme no? Except my version probably was produced in quantity a tenth less then the above and is the original. Love them both, but can't say I am not feeling a little "green" today


Need one or both? Spring 2011 can be found here for $2,395 or here for $2,009 or at your local Neiman Marcus or Saks, and Luisaviaroma will probably have it in stock any day as well. (OK so I am milking this just a little - I am biased duh)

The green one?

Only one place for that - go here, and it's priced at $400!

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