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Celebrating the Style of a Shrimpton Couture Client - Michelle Harper

Michelle is one of those girls that you notice no matter what. Whether you love her style or not, you cannot help but admire it. She takes risks. Dresses for herself. Is eccentric and truly glamorous. She is intelligent and articulate. She has created a live where she can, and does, dress to the extreme - if she feels like it. She loves vintage and is an avid collector. When she first contacted me to buy the Galanos outfit she wears in the first picture below I had no idea who she was. But I had an inkling based on her selection that she must be someone special. I was right.

It is fun to do outfit posts when clients send me pictures but in Michelle's case I went on-line and grabbed other pictures for you to see too. I want you to really get the scope of how daring this girl can be. These are just a few. This is a girl who dresses like this every day.

This 1970s Galanos outfit will always be one of my favorite pieces to have had in the shop. So happy it went to Michelle! The under piece is actually a jumpsuit with balloon pants that end at the knee. A floating silk skirt wraps over it. Amazing and Michelle looks fantastic in it paired with her lust worthy Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses - a vintage fashion holy grail.

Full on ball gown moment

Love this photo - its timeless, futuristic, and vintage all at the same time. Trying hitting that combination the next time you dress.

Those fantastic Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses again - these are the butterfly version - there are very few of these out there. The coat is 1960s marabou  and that fan in most likely antique. There is a subtle play on a theme here - wings and feathers.....

 This twenties flapper dress makes my breathe stop. Literally. The work, the cut. It is really something I am glad I have not seen on person. I would probably be reduced to a small pile of begging, weeping pitiful, greedy lusting girlness. Then I would grab it and try to make a run for it.

Just being honest.

Dior hat& Balenciaga opera coat. The tonality against her skin...the bangs just peeking out..the kitsch of the doll mixed with the highest of couture. Lovely moment.

I snagged this pic immediately as it really shows that those chiffon thirties dresses that we all love and drool over are actually very modern and wearable. Mere mortal girls may want to pair theirs with nude slips but Michelle's more daring choice...well for some reason does not seem so daring for her, does it?

At an event in her grandmother's custom lynx fur from the early 1950s.

In one of her many fantastic vintage hats.

And this dear readers is a piece I can safely bet most of you have never seen, nor knew existed. It is a gold lame flapper wig. Exceedingly rare, exceedingly valuable and exceedingly beautiful. It is, like the girl who wears it - a work of art.


pictures from various sources - tales of endearment, style.com, contactmusic.com & others.
I apologize if I missed giving credit - email me and I will add it if a pic is yours.


Jill said...

Such a rare beautiful bird!

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Fabulous, fabulous style. Love it.

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