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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Vanessa Hudgens

After what seemed like a blight on celebrities wearing vintage last year (is there a correlation between the economy and wearing vintage do you think??) they seem to be jumping back into the "I want to be the only girl wearing this" attitude instead of "I want to be wearing the newest thing off the runway"

That makes me a happy girl. I love when celebrities wear vintage. Mainly because it gives all of us vintage loving girls top notch styling tips.  But also because it demonstrates that really great vintage lasts. A gorgeous dress is a gorgeous dress. Period. Old or new. Older just happens to usually be more interesting and better made then today's -good for one season only- pieces.

I love Ossie Clark. There is something about the drape, the cut, the fabrics, the colors - he was just in his own groove. It's not that he re-invented the wheel, he just made it sexy. Every time I see an Ossie I think of a line I read years and years ago that went along the lines of "a girl just can't have a bad time when she wears an Ossie Clark". I have to tell you - so far that line has been the gospel truth for me. Silly, but I like to think of my Ossie's like magic charms. A girl is prettier, sexier, longer, leaner and more alluring in one - even a girl like me who is only super model height in her own mind.

Vanessa Hudgen wore a black wrap moss crepe Ossie Clark for Quorum at a premiere recently. It's one of his earliest pieces which makes is roughly 46 or 47 years old. Double the age of her almost. She knocked it out of the park. It looks as young and fresh as if it was indeed,  the newest thing off the runway.

Hard to argue the theory of "a girl just can't have a bad time when she wears an Ossie Clark" when you see these pictures. There is no way a girl who looks like this in that dress had a bad night.


art deco engagement rings said...

I love Vanessa's necklace!

art deco engagement rings said...

I love Vanessa's necklace!

Meg said...

She is such a beautiful girl, and these are wonderful photos of her.

InkedandSewn said...

Just started browsing random blogs and ran across yours! LOVE your WEBSITE!! Your eye for fashion is AMAZING! I actually work for a jewelry company (LUV AJ) that Vanessa hudgens has been spotted sporting and i LOVE her fashion sense.

great post


xx Jess james

Cindy said...

She is vintage glam so glamorous I love her!

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