We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Congrats to my BFF K & her new guy R!

Am back from the big trip and have some killer dresses that I am going to get posted as soon as I can. I also have a bit of a backlog as I was crazy hectic in my prep work for the big wedding I attended of one of my very BFF's over the holiday weekend.

I did manage to throw up a couple of lovelies up on eBay late last night though - this Batik print one the left in particular is one of my all time favorites .

How gorgeous is that dress? It is running at auction now so check it out (link through on the right - the Shrimpton on eBay or of course please visit my website too!) Also listed is a drop dead killer copper-gold jacquard gown and a beautiful slipper satin 1930s robe that has those fabulous draped rounded sleeves they did in that time period. I always picture women using those sleeves to stash their little illicit love notes from prying eyes - they would make the perfect hiding places for small secrets.

Besides doing some buying, I also attended a beautiful wedding ceremony this weekend. Even if it was the THIRD time this couple got hitched - yep my BFF is the not so famous Canadian version of Gwen Stefani. Long, long story but this last of the ceremonies makes it official in everyone's eyes now so I think it is the last!

The stunning bride wore a dress from my soon to be launched Le Seul du Cherie line. Le Seul will feature vintage that has been updated or embellished to make it very modern and on par with current fashions. (For the purists amongst you, you need not worry, no labeled work will be altered and unlabelled work in pristine condition will also remain untouched.)

No, Le Seul is for the pieces whose line and fabric are too beautiful to let go of, yet need a tweaking here and there to make it that more relevant in today's world. It is not a major reconstruct but rather a nod to the original design and a bit of design work from me. It took me forever to find a properly trained dressmaker whose skill set is in line with the quality of work I am demanding but I finally have and there are a few select pieces being worked on now. Each Le Seul piece is numbered, dated & signed and will never be copied. Watch this space for news of the line's launch!

Ok back to the event - here are a few pics (taken by my camera that decided of course to be a total pain in the arse so scuse the fact that these are not exactly the Herb Ritts of wedding photos). You may recognize the beautiful blonde bride in her Le Seul tangerine silk satin gown from other shots on my website (very handy to have models as friends).

Pre-wedding fun in the mirror shot is of the two of us in the getting ready stage (me in Janice Wainwright - thanks girl for giving me the occasion to wear that one!) The BEST wedding photo ever - K is hiding in the closet before making her grand entrance so no one sees her in the dress. And finally the wonderful ceremony shot, under the trees on the perfect summers eve!

Congrats girl! He's a keeper! I love you both!




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Gidget Bananas said...

That sundress is to. die. for.

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