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Let's Talk Construction

One of the main reasons I adore, love, salivate daily, over vintage is the construction of the garments. If you wander down through the halls of any major mall these days you will see store after store full of shoddily made clothes that are pretty much guaranteed to fall apart at the seam in 4 washings or less.

Yes there are some great clothing lines out there still but it is still rare to find the painstaking attention to detail that one finds regularly in vintage garments, especially in those that are pre-1960.

Take for example this lovely little number by one of my favorite labels - Suzy Perette. Her dresses tend to be sturdy little gems with beautifully done seaming and this amazing example in sheer silk organza overlaying a rayon backdrop, is just that. At first glance you say "oh what a pretty dress - maybe a bit stark but lovely fabric and pretty lines" ...right?

But then take a closer look - this dress is entirely made up of pieced PANELS of fabric running the length of the dress!

Yep, each panel, 10 in all, is cut to perfection and then pieced together. Each panel widens out at both ends and then narrows to create the waist! Now if that is not a work of art I don't know what is!

Suzy Perette gown available now at Shrimpton Couture

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