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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Ok I have a serious weakness for rose printed dresses and have a few stashed. And I want to do a shameless plug for my eBay auction started tonight so we are going to chat about rose printed dresses.

First of all I am partial to Roses I think because my mom's name is Rose and I associate roses with her. Here is a picture of her at Sweet 16
in her bombshell bathing suit...hmmm come to think of it I have a thing for 50's bathing suits too.......coincedence?? Probably not

Anyway here's a picture and she really has nothing to do with my rose rant
but this is my favorite photograph of her and it seems to segue well here.

And she's hot in this pic, which is reason enough in my books. Though if she reads this you can bet she
is going to be all over me for posting it - but seriously she looks amazing no?

Back to dresses...... I do tend to hoard rose print dresses even though they don't really suit me. It is actually Miuccia Prada's fault - the rose dress she did - what 3 seasons ago now? Here is Miss Selma in it looking pretty damn sedate and cleavage free for Selma, but hot in that fabulously hot, I strive to get to, Spanish kind of hot way.

Hello fifties calling? Is that a TOTAL take on vintage or what? God I love that woman. Miuccia, not Selma. I think she is a genius even if her genius is for knowing WHEN to do a look before everyone else realizes they should have done it too. That is still genius!

I covet this dress. I lust for this dress. I look at this dress and I think of the beach I will stand on and the yacht floating in the distance behind me and the man who won't even blink that I am wearing Prada on the beach to go on his (wait make that MY) yacht, won't even blink at me wearing my Prada in the sweltering heat ...because damn it I can afford Prada so therefore I can wear it anywhere, to any occasion.


But I don't own that dress

So I buy vintage ones that remind me of it - the irony is that even though that dress on Selma is Prada so cost about 3 grand, I can lay 10 to 1 odds that my little 50's numbers are probably just as well constructed if not better.

But I tend to get on tangents (I know, surprising huh?) so I have a few, Ok several rose print dresses now.

So I bit the bullet and put one up tonight - (link to my eBay button over at the right to see more pictures).

It is fabulous but doesn't fit me so I have decided to let it go.

And its perfect so if you are reading this and you bid and win, you better damn well love it. It’s seamed to perfection and looks unworn and no, there is no Prada label but it’s a damn fine dress.

A Vogue worthy dress.

Maybe even a jaunt on the beach, I don't give a damn if it's inappropriate to wear this here, kind of dress, if you are the right girl.

Cause at the end of the day, label or no, the right dress CAN make you into the girl you dream of being ...which is really the reason why I have so many rose print dresses.

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