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Twiggy and the perfect bikini

Any fashionista worth her stuff knows that this month marks the B-day of the bikini. Now sadly a bikini and I are no longer BFF's though once upon a time you would not have caught me going a day without one on during the summer months - even if hidden under proper clothes and worn almost like a bra and panties set. Cause one never knows when one might be invited to a pool 's soiree, does one? And a girl prepared is a girl who can look damn good at a drop's notice....but I digress.

So, in a very universal karma kind of way - It was very aprop0s that I should happen to stumble upon a virtual treasure chest of pre-1975 British edition Vogue's yesterday when I was out buying new yummies for my website, Shrimpton Couture .

One of them (July 1973), featured Twiggy, that wonderful little waif super model extraordinaire from the sixties doing a sexy swimsuit photoshoot in the Bahamas.

This is my fave picture from that spread.

Now that is a killer bikini! It's porportioned, it's simple, it's tiny and as an added bonus it's knit which is kind of cool.

Have you noticed that the bikini's of today tend to be minor miracles of construction? They are far from simple - they are boned and they are binded, they push your boobs up, they push em in, they strive to make them look like you got a boob job to go along with your bikini. They suck you in, the "create" curves and generally make the simple bikini as unsimple as a wedding dress.

A modern bikinis point is to make your body appear something its not - perfect.

In our perfection focused society even the simple bikini has become the focus of science and engineering.

But that whole rant aside, here is the fun thing about this particular bikini Twiggy is wearing so very, very well and what prompted me to post this. Twiggy had talents that till now very few knew - check out the side bar at right.


OK even in 1973, this was probably really made by some overworked intern, but is that not the most fabulous thing you have ever read?

One her Magic Memory Machine, no less or MMM for short.

Twiggy darling, hats off to you and your wonderful little MMM! Knowing this, for me, illustrates the very essence of what a bikini is really about. It's about sex, that we all know, but a bikini done right should ALWAYS somehow have a hint of innocence to it. A bikini made by your own hands on a MMM cannot be anything BUT innocent. Even if utterly sexy once on.

And is it is, dare I say it....




Ooh la love. I ADORE Twiggy. When I was 15'ish I toyed with the ideas of following her false eyelash/mascara regimen.

Gidget Bananas said...

Twiggy said, in an interview, that she loved 60s fashions because as a poor, pre-supermodel, she could buy a yard of fabric and whip up a little dress. Of course, only Twiggy could get away with a yard of fabric -- but at least at some point she made her own clothes.

Yeah, the girl ruled!

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