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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I mentioned a while back that I was launching a new line called Le Seul soon & today is the day!

Three Le Seul dresses are up and posted at Shrimpton Couture.

Le Seul literally means "The Only One".
It is a line of vintage that has had some alterations or additions made to the garments to make them even better, without destroying their vintage integrity or appeal.

Here's the 3 launch dresses available now on my site

An original 1950's dress with an added deep blood red lining that feels delicious against the legs. The front has been opened to plunge and a 1920's rhinestone clasp added to hold it so you have no accidental wardrobe malfunctions

This charming sheer chiffon eyelet dress has also had is lining replaced with a startling red taffeta that now peeks through. The skirt swishes and rustles as you walk or dance. A detachable, original 1940's sash picks up the red of the skirt. It photographed quite starkly showing the bodice and skirt color showing through - in real life the effect is FAR more subtle.

Last but not least, a 1950's Hadley original has not been changed at all - I simply added a tie sash made of beaded ribbon with taffeta ties. This sits at the top of the empire waist to break the otherwise stark line of the black velvet atop black taffeta.

Lots of other new items added today as well!
Happy shopping!


eurobrat said...

Number 3 is too gorgeous.

Mandy said...

I was just about to respond and say that I thought #3 was the most gorgeous one as well, then I went back up and looked at the other two dresses and I have to say that #1 and #2 are also pretty gorgeous. It looks like you've got a good thing going here with Le Seul, I'll be sure to keep my eye out for more of it!

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