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Celebrity Vintage Spot

The ORIGINAL vintage fashionista, Miss Moss was spotted wearing an Ossie Clark jacket over the weekend. The irony is that UK papers identified it as Chloe. Maybe the shorts are Chloe, but trust me, the top is ALL Ossie!

So for all you vintage virgins out there - this is a good lesson that GREAT vintage is as good, or better, then current collections when worn right.
It's not
when it was made, it's how it was made and how you wear it.

Thanks to Liz over at Vintage A Peel for the heads up on this spot!
Pics courtesy of Dlisted.com


Gidget Bananas said...

I loooooove Ossie Clark, but he obviously made all his clothes for skinny British model types, and I'm not one of those. *lesigh*

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