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Wearing vintage in a heatwave


Hah, bet that caught you off-guard huh?

Seriously, to wear a 40 or 50 or *gasp* a pristine 70 or 80 year old garment in the heat a lot of us are going through is just plain being mean to that poor garment.

Yes, we want to look cute and yes, I know you look really cute in your 50's frock and YES, I know you look really, really cute and sexy in it.....

..but darling you will sweat - yes I said the ugly word - choose to substitute perspire of you must; either way hot humid weather means little rings under the arms and breasts. And god forbid you are a self-tan addict like moi.

I swear, if I see your carefully tanned ass perspiring prettily away in one of MY 50's frocks I will pick you up myself and carry you into the nearest air conditioned shop. Though the shop will have cute shoes of course. Consider yourself warned.

So if you swear not to have self-tanned in at least 2 days and you swear to run from heat to air conditioning whenever you can, then you may wear vintage if you must, BUT you better follow one rule:

THE RULE - Rinse it out as soon as you take it off. And don't even go there if you just responded that you are wearing a dry clean only garment. No, if you must, go ahead and wear your pretty, sexy cotton frock, but when you get home rinse it out in yummy smelling lavender lingerie wash and let it air dry.

Pretty pretty please

I have had to pass on so many lovely, wonderful garments because of the dreaded underarm markings, that it has literally brought tears to my eyes.

Yes we sweat, yes it gets hot, yes sometimes you just MUST sit out on a patio in the sun and flirt with boys, which hopefully makes you sweat a teeny bit more if you are with the right boy. OK I get that part

But rinse later


Your vintage beauties will thank you - I personally will adore you and all the beautiful woman who passed down their treasured dresses and who loved and where loved in them will silently smile their approval

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