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Tales at the fence

I am an unabashed high-end fashion, girlie, label-whore and flat out clothing snob.

I like my labels. I am just going to throw that out there right off at the start so we are straight on that and there is no beating around the bush. It forms a foundation for all our future meetings here at this space - one should admit their flaws (or virtues depending on where your personal stance on the previous self-declaration) so my perfect wardrobe is a mix of the highest end designer labels I can get my hands on and really really good vintage pieces.

When I buy for my site I buy for a girl like me. A girl who wants the best. I turn down TONS of items because it is just not good enough. I HATE shoddily made styleless clothes. Yes, that is a strong statement, but this is my blog and it is my truth. This is a theme I am going to hit on a lot cause it always amazes me how many people don't "get" that they can get quality if they look for it and worse there are actually people who don't "get" vintage. It is not even on their *gasp* radar. To them vintage is nothing more than ((shudder)) old clothes.

So on that note, here is an amusing (well not to me but apparently to "normal" people it is - and by normal I mean non-label & vintage obsessed persons like myself) little true tale.

Often on a beautiful summer day I will hand-launder cotton sundresses or lingerie in lavender wash & rinse, and let them dry out in the sun. I love that fresh smell that is the result and I know my clients will love it when they unwrap the tissue around their purchase and pull their new dress or silk nightie out of its box, and that smell of clean air, lavender and sunshine is what greets them. Yum!

So, this means I sometimes have a deck full of brightly colored dresses and silk bits. This past Saturday was one of those days and my neighbor (whom I adore) was out on her deck as well - I know she has probably wondered for quite some time just how many clothes I own and more importantly WHY? So I explained what I do.

She didn't get it.

The word vintage was not even in her vocabulary. So I explained what vintage was...still no click


finally after a few more tries, there was a literal light bulb...I saw it go on...I saw the moment her face changed and comprehension dawned

"So you sell dresses - 1950's dresses?"

Me: " Yes, yes!! 1950's, 20's 30's... all the way through to the 70's"

"ohhhhhhhh.... my daughter's look for dresses"

Me: "Great!! Send them over anytime!!"

"Yes .....for halloween - I will tell them this year they can go see you"


(That was the sound my ass made as it hit the floor after I keeled over at the thought)


Enjoy today's highlighted dress from Shrimpton that I can assure you will NOT be sold to anyone contemplating Halloween costumes EVER


Julie said...

It is a thing of true beauty! Sigh...................... for a garden party? Or a day taking in the sites in some quaint town.

Or even tea at the Waldorf

Mandy said...

OMG - love that story about your neighbor! It's true though, a lot of people don't get what vintage is, I have to say I was guilty of that until a friend introduced me to it. You obviously have a great sense of true vintage, your pieces are beautiful, I'm keeping my eye out for one that suits me!

Yin Yee said...

Thanks for the tale, it made it laugh :-) But it is true that not many people understand vintage clothing (it is just "old clothes" to them) or accept that anyone would want to wear "old clothes", let alone pay good money for them. But at the same time, when these people see you looking beautiful, they will compliment you.

What it means is that it doesn't matter whether you are wearing vintage or contemporary -- so long as you look good in it, that's all that matters. It is all about YOU, not about the dress. The purpose of the dress is only to make YOU look fabulous. Period.

Personally, I look most fabulous in vintage. Flapper dresses and the New Look silhoutte are the best for my figure. I also like that these dresses are understated-ly sexy without being boring or school-marmish. I like their air of lady-like respectability and understated-ness. That's me! And I believe men appreciate it. Also, because I work in a very male-dominated environment, I need to look respectable without losing my sexiness! But these dresses have to be well-made. Never ever compromise on fabric, construction, fit! A dress made of cheap fabric badly constructed will not fall well on your body. Ill-fitting clothes are uncomfortable and make you look awful!

Even as we know what suits us, we must know what doesn't. For me, it is pencil skirts and A-line skirts. They "expose" my short fat legs.


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