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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Todays Temperley Look-a-like!

Just a short blurb because I spent the entire day updating and adding pretty dresses to the site! As I took a breather and flipped through the rest of that pocket sized UK Glamour magazine I came across a Temperly dress (one of my FAVE designer's by the way) and realized that MY little 30s silk dress was a ghostly sister.

Alice Temperly often creates or has created for her, her own prints and my dress was most likely hand blocked and printed by some unknown designer as well.

Don't you think it is marvelous that somehow across the span of 70 odd years two women living dramatically different lives somehow meet on a unseen, creative plain and these two remarkably similar little beauties are the result?

Moments like this are why I love what I do.....

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