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Vintage Dots and Celebrities

In the July 2006 UK Glamour there is this great page on celebs in dots and better even that that - most of the dresses shown are VINTAGE!

Don't fool yourself when you see celebs looking hot - they are often wearing vintage .... some even from moi!! It's the ONLY guarantee that they will not be photographed in the same thing as someone else ....hint hint girls ...there is a lesson here for the smart little fashionista!

There is Miss Sarah Jessica Parker in her dot ensemble looking lovely

and Carmen Electra shows off her beautiful little vintage number here to the left; and even Victoria Beckham makes the page ...who to be honest never struck me as a vintage type of girl. So it goes to show you that good vintage can beckon to the heart of even the die hard must have the lastest greatest, fashion slut like miss posh.

So it made me think HMMM I have a couple of cute little dot dresses ........

A killer Gay Gibson

And this sexy bombshell of a dress that has a bit of the same "feel" in a shorter kind of way for me as this Valentino Lindsay Lohan wears in this pic:

There are tons more dotty numbers on my site so go check it out. Maybe you will find your one of a kind dotty little number!

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