We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

Please reset your bookmarks and follow the new blog:


OK I am just playing cause I learned how to do this today

HTML is my friend

It use to be my dreaded DIRE & EVIL enemy but we have learned to love one another - it is being nice to me so I am learning to give it a second chance...embrace it and call it my friend...

OK I will stop now ..I am making myself ill too

PS Thanks for all the emails about the site and the format query posted below - I will re-haul the whole thing over the weekend.

PSS - this months UK Glamour magazine ...vintage dot dresses on celebs...next post will have those pics and MY top version of those dresses..come back to see

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Yin Yee said...

Good job on the HTML thing. Waiting to see your polka dot lovelies. Dots are my personal fav and as favs go, allow me to give my take on these dotties. Dots convey a sense of whimsy, a hint of fun, a touch of charm, harking back to a simpler time. But the size of the dots is of utmost importance. Take a black long-sleeved blouse with white polka dots for instance. How big the white dots are will determine whether you look like a clown out on a romp or a stylish classy lady out for tea (you can imagine the hat and gloves, complete with clutch bag). So never never under-estimate the size of the dots! But I still love dots! I have a long-sleeved silk blouse with small dots that I wear to work and a pair of stack heels in dalmation (sp?)-looking suede complete with pink bow at the front. So show us your polka dotted lovelies, Cherie!

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