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THANKS YY! And a Call for opinions

I send out regular update emails to everyone on my news list (see below) and on the last one I sent out, I asked for feedback to make my site better and as easy as possible for you to find what you want and make the experience as great as possible. I already have TONS of opionions on what constitutes SUPERB service and plan on giving just that, along with mint, cleaned, beautiful vintage pieces, but that is a future post.

YY wrote me back and asked if I can cut the flowery description and once you got into the various pics of the garment ....just give the fact ma'am ...just the facts.... OK she is a sweetie and said it WAY nicer than that, but that is what it boils down to.

So being a smart girl and listening when people tell me things that make COMPLETE sense, I have changed the very first listing on my site as my experiment in getting better. My 1950's Vintage Hawaiian Bombshell dress. The introduction on the Shop Selection main page has not changed (though I am open to suggestions there too), but now when you go into the picture gallery you will see it is dramatically different then the others on the site. And that now only the FIRST pic will have info and a buy button. (which I know need to be added to that one still so don't suggest that)

What do you think? As a buyer is this the info you need? Is there something else you would like to know? Go at it - tell me your thoughts and make suggestions!

I may not agree with everything but I sure as heck wanna hear it!

I know there are a few readers now (THANK YOU and I promise to try not to put you to sleep and to keep things interesting) so I thought this is the easiest way to get your opinions fast - you can post a comment here or Email me if you like.

Oh and if you think I suck, say it nice - I just may have YOUR dream dress one day Mawhahhah

Thanks again YY!!

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1 comment:

Yin Yee said...

Hey Cherie, I like the new format a lot! It allows the buyer to know the specifics of your product clearly and explicitly. To the point, no misunderstandings, very buyer-friendly. Keep up the good work! And my, this is a way sexy dress!

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