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Celebrity Vintage Spot - At the Emmy's!

Annette Bening in a vintage Ceil Chapman silk satin sheath dress scattered in rhinestones.

Vintage and short at the Emmy's
Hmmmm.....think Miss Bening is her own ruler-maker?


Yin Yee said...

Make your own rules, I say! As long as you are not disrespectful to the hosts and can carry off the look, go for it! It's better to be looked over than overlooked.

Coutorture said...

I can't seem to email you love! Things just keeping getting sent back to me.

Did you see this post? http://www.therunwayscoop.com/2006/08/the_latest_blog_discovery_and.html


Anonymous said...

I love Ceil Chapman and I think it is highly original for her to wear what she pleases rather then what the latest magazines dictate

Karinaxoxo said...

I love it... better than the puple we saw on EVERYONE

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that more celbrities did not wear vintage to this event this time. I like this dres on Annette

Diane said...

i would have had no idea that this was a vintage dress - thanks for letting us know

Julie The Zaftig Goddess said...

Ya know, normally we see pouffy and strapless from Ceil. This is
a nice change and I thought it looked lovely on Ms. Benning. Of course
she is one of those women like Helen Mirran or Cate Blanchett who always
dress lovely and will never be seen at an event in "formal" shorts.

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