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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Here comes the fall...here comes the fall..la la laa laalaa

Girls it's a long weekend coming up and I am doing a HUGE overhaul and update over at the Shrimpton Couture Website.

All the summer frocks will be lovingly packed up for the season and the fall stock will be coming out in full force.

Now you may not realize this but I have a big collection, no make that a HUGE collection.

Literally racks of vintage

Racks and racks

Some days I go to photo and I just end up sitting there staring, undecided as to what to throw up on the site.

So I am asking you directly - what do you need in your closets this season? What decade is doing it for you? What colors do you want to wear? What shape do you want to see?

I want to hear from you! Tell me your wish lists!!


Anonymous said...

COLOR ....everyone does black for fall and 50s and 70s are my faves

i think its cool you ask us too!

Anonymous said...

its so hard to get some nice winter dresses.bright colours!and if possible some gorgeous coats!

Susie said...

COLOR - lots of dresses and evening stuff too.

I love your site - everything is fabulous

Audrey said...

I need a princess coat! Love your stuff and admire your items frequently.

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