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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Scarlett Johansson wore this dress to the Venice premiere of The Black Dahlia.

If this is not vintage I swear to god I will faint on the spot!!

Black Dahlia is a film set in Los Angeles in the 40's and if this is an indication of what the wardrobe is going to be like then I am going to see it just to dress-watch!

I think it is fabulous and that she looks like an old hollywood movie star!

PS A few weeks ago I rented another of her movies - A Good Woman- fabulous film and suberb wardrobe - watch for the double dress at the big end scene - goes to show you how much the woman wearing the dress makes the look, not the other way around, no matter how fabulous said dress is


Juliet@Beautynomics said...

I love this look on Scarlett! :) Makes her long years younger, and more classic looking. The dress is somewhat near Lea Salonga's wedding dress, designed by Lhuillier.

eurobrat said...

I almost fainted when I saw these shots too. She is so beautiful- as is her ensemble.

The Black Dahlia looks like it will be amazing.

Magarite Elaine said...

I about died when I saw these photos. Looking at her takes my on a time travel ride to the 40s. I love it!

Jada said...

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