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Best should be a Celebrity Vintage Spot


If the post under this one is an example of a dress that I would swear is a vintage spot, then this one is the best re-creation of a vintage look with a modern twist to appear on the red carpet so far. Christine Aguilera looks stunning in this rhinestone encrusted, nude gown at last night's VMA's. Yes it is modern but it is such a definitive nod towards the best of what 30's and 40's vintage has to offer I could not resist a post.


eurobrat said...


Julie The Zaftig Goddess said...

You know, I have totally fallen in love with La Christina and her "old Hollywood" look.
She looks so much hotter then she ever did as "mygodshelookslikeyoucouldcatchaSTDjustbytouchingherhand" skank!Christina we had all come to know and love.

Magarite Elaine said...

Great dress! I love how Ms. christina is channeling Old Hollywood.

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