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Celebrity Vintage Knock Off Spot - Love it? Hate it?

Jennifer Lopez did 60's fab in this Biba Revival (revival #2 btw but who's counting) dress and matching turban. This is an almost literal reproduction of one of the hot little numbers in the original Biba's hey day and I have spent a large part of the day trying to find a picture - if you know the one I mean send it to me please and I will post it.

Now I love the lines of this outfit. Biba did those high tight shoulders with the top seam set way up on top of the shoulder better then anyone ever did or will as far as I am concerned. Those shoulders sit in that high puff on this dress becasue they are cut to do that and then sewn correctly to stay just that way. That I love. Now, pretend for a moment Jennifer's dress is silk and maybe black so we can just concentrate on the cut - see the swoop of the skinny upper arm to the balloon cuff? See how the fabric drapes into the waist and then flares just enough to give the illusion of an even leaner leg? And note the little line of buttons set at a set angle at the neck......

So why the &^*#@* turban?


Have we not learned anything in the 35+ years since round one?

Miss Jennifer - the next time you want to look like a late 60s supermodel - girl you have your people call my people - I will set you up so you make the DO columns not the damn DON'T
and you won't ITCH cause I bet you did in that dress!!

Am I right on this? Do you love it or do you hate it?


Yin Yee said...

This is awful! What happened to style? She looked like an alien who'd wandered in from a stranded space craft! PS: is it too late for the fall wish list? Would love to see 40s! Good 70s is good too!

Lilly said...

UGGGHHHH and I second above request - 40's and 70's. Biba should be ashamed

eurobrat said...

LOVE the boots (or is it just the way she walks in them- JLo knows how to strut!) but the rest... not so fab. Then again, odd style choices are better than boring ones!

Julie The Zaftig Goddess said...

Hated it and it really did have more to do with the books, turban and fabric then the dress.
On the other hand Anette Benning looked lovely in her Ceil dress.

Lisa said...

Hate it - tho you are are right about the cut

Gidget Bananas said...

"So why the &^*#@* turban?


My thoughts exactly.

Ms. Stylesse said...

i love it and hate it. it's cute, but then it has a bit of a miss cleo feel to it. like he's gonna read my palm or something.

Magarite Elaine said...

So this outfit has so many problems. One, there's not enough skin showing. She's just too covered up. She could have benefitted from wearing a vneck instead of the turtle neck. Two, the boots are to matchy-matchy. She could has switched it up with a totally different color and different height boot. Maybe some gold ankle boots. Third and the worst, the headwrap. When did scarves return to the scene? It's just not cute and I'm mad at her (and her glam squad) for this one.

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