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You know how if you say something out loud it helps you to deal with it? Well, here's my confession of the day ...I have a hard time letting go of my vintage treasures. If you peek at my About Me page on my site - you can see that it hints at this confession.

It is because I am a shopper first, before being a seller - I wear vintage every day and what makes it worse is that I am a dreamer - I have alternative fantasy lives that I live vicariously through the clothes hanging unworn in my closet. I'm the girl who has literally 25 gowns at any given moment, all different variations of the same dress (the clothes equivalent of buying the same pink lipstick over and over, each one hue apart). All those dresses hanging there just in case I might have to go to a ball, or to Paris or London for a gala at a moment's notice. You know, just in case dresses.

Oh and did I mention that they are all in different sizes?

I have issues

I have dresses and outfits for every possible occasion you can think of. I try to be good. I will steel myself - try to get zen - remind myself that owning things is not a necessity and haul all those wonderful unworn pristine vintage pieces off that one rack (ok 3..ish) racks in the back of my studio; take them out from under the plastic and actually put them onto my mannequin and take the picture.

I make myself utterly immune to that pretty dresses silent plea to wear her, I don't listen to her when she rustles her skirt and I ignore the line she creates as her waist dips in so prettily.

Then I look into the camera little viewer and I see the picture and do you know what happens?


And I cave like a weak little girl. I know I can't live without this dress hanging in my closet ready to go to Paris with me on a spur of a moment. I have thoughts of her going across the country and being left on someone's floor in a crumpled heap and I can't do it. I want to protect her and keep her safe. And yes, one day I might have a 24" waist.


Yesterday I put up some new dresses on Shrimpton and took down all of the summer ones. And I am putting up more today. And there was a part of me that did a dance of joy for every piece that got taken off the site cause they are still mine mine mine. But I am adding more fall dresses today and I am going to add from those "racks" ............I swear.

Yesterday I put the dress in the photo up and it was from the racks - its a wrapped georgette Mary Quant with a handkerchief hem. It does not fit me but it might one day. So I was hoarding it. It was waiting for me, and a pair of boots and maybe if I was feeling very fashiony that day a hat...if it was fall it might have been a knit one - just to get a contrast to the floatiness of the dress. I would have added a cable knit cardigan and a big bag and went shopping or to lunch somewhere fabulous, maybe I would have been whisked to London for the day by surprise.......and I would have been terribly over-dressed all day and it would have been wonderful. And if I wanted I could have de-booted and de-hatted and de-cardiganed and I would have pulled a clutch and sexy high sandals out of that big bag (of course) and gone dancing and sipping martini's on a patio rooftop filled with other beautiful people in beautiful dresses and not come home till 4.

But I put it up on the site instead. It just took a while and I might have held it to my chest and did a twirl or two around the room first. But I did it. And I am going to do it again today.

Or try to


Lisa said...

Good God if what you have on your site is what you manage to make yourself give up I can only imagine - please try harder when it comes to those racks LOL

Coutorture said...


I loved your confessions post! I just featured it on the front page of Coutorture: http://coutorture.com/posts/16141

I always wondered how you did it. I just can't wait to wander through your new fall treatures! It makes me giddy just thinking about it. I can't seem to email you so I am posting it as a comment!


Katrina said...

LOL that was so funny!! Thank you for that!

Wendy said...

Fall lineup from e-mail is fantastic! I'm 62, so I'm have certain limits on styles -- but most of all, have real memories of who/when/where wore clothes from the past eras (at least from late 40s on). Even the wrap '30-s blouse reminded me of Miss Milious, a junior high school teacher who had to quit because a man's car was in front of her house overnight! ... What a blouse.
I'll feature at least one item on my website with your link ... my readers love this stuff.

Ms. Stylesse said...

this is too cute! i totally understand your obsession!

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