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Celebrity Vintage Spot

August Vogue featured recent Best Actress Tony winner LaChanze in their
"life with andre" section. La Chanze won the golden statue for her stellar performance in The Color Purple.

I was amused to read that they thought it "so cool" that the dress they took to be the most modern looking of the evening, actually ended up being from the great spanish couturier Pertegaz.

Tsk, Tsk, Vogue, you of all people should know the roots of all modern fashion lie in the past and that past was often far, far ahead of its time as illustrated so very well in this little beauty.

A Shrimpton Girl knows vintage is the secret to standing out at any occasion - Huge & kisses LaChanze & a HUGE congratulations!

1 comment:

Coutorture said...

Beautiful frock! I totally agree with your assesment of the Vogue piece as well.


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