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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Let's talk vintage at the office.

Start with a 1960's printed shift dress. This one is a silk glazed cotton that is hand-blocked in basic black and white and has a pretty inverted empire waist line - flatters just about every figure

Add a shoe like these Prada Mary-Janes. I like these because they are work appropriate, but still take advantage of the crazy ass trend we are having for platforms - which, personally I love - the higher the better for me. But platforms at the office? This height will work.

For the bag let's do white - yes you can grab your fave black bag but it is more interesting to mix it up and play against the black & white print of the dress.

A big frame bag from Miu Miu has the right shape and is big enough to lug around all the crap us commuting girls need for the day. Plus it is in your face bold, and I like the impact and statement that makes.

So far it has taken us what 5 minutes to get dressed? Dress on and zipped, shoes slip on and buckle, grab the bag. Now you need sexy shades. Let's do vintage for those and go with Ted Lapidus with gold edges - if these look familiar it's because yes, these are the ones Nicole Ritchie made famous! These will be available on my upcoming accessories site!

The final perfect touch? Tie a classic Hermes scarf around the handle of the bag and add a splash of color by going with an unexpected red print. Having a scarf on your person gives you that perfect pop of color to add interest, and more importantly, you will have the perfect accessory to tie over your locks just in case you just happen to decide to say screw work,
I look just too damn good! And spend the rest of the day tooling around in your convertible!

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Ladygrande said...

Now this would definitely work at our office!

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