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Celebrity Vintage Spot

I am cruising the net last night and came across some older posts of the MTV Movie awards and see the stunning Eva Mendes in that plunging red dress she wore. You know how sometimes you see something and it's not till way later that your brain clicks in and you have an Ahh haa moment?
Well chalk one of those up for me last night. Sure enough, after about 15 minutes of cruising around I found a notation attributing her dress as vintage. But of course I knew that already because I have what is basically the same dress in a print. Now I love red and I love Eva's dress, but one does have to be in a "red" moment to wear it. My pastel version is a teeny tiny bit more discreet.
Yeah yeah..Ok, a dress cut to the navel is hard pressed to be described as discreet, but you know what I mean.


Gidget Bananas said...

Who designed the dress?

Shrimpton Couture Blog said...

Hmmmm I have been trying to verify that for a bit! It's very Valentino Red but the lines say Halston. My version is unlabelled.

One day I will stumble across the answer :-)

Jennifer said...

I love both dresses, but wow the color of Eva's dress is so vibrant!

Magarite Elaine said...

This gown is ab fab! I love it!

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