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This patio worthy dress is still available at Shrimpton
add a cardigan and tights to transition into fall!


I am getting tons of requests for fall items. And yes, I will start posting more pretties that can transition you into fall and yes I will start to move into some actual fall items. I will even start this very weekend for you.

But let's be clear that I do so reluctantly. I love summer. I am a summer girl. Give me sunshine, give me the ease of 5 minute dressing with a summer dress and a pair of heels. Give me an extra long lunch sitting on a patio with a handsome man in the hot summer sun and I say Fall? Phooey to fall.

Are we so well-trained by the fashion industry that we all are utterly compelled to buy for fall the minute the new fall stock hits the racks? And has anyone else noticed that this creeps up by a day or so every year? Soon we will be buying for fall the first official day of spring.


Don't get me wrong I am not anti-fall, it has it's own set of tactile pleasures; crisp mornings, light weight jackets that can change your look in seconds, tights with open toe shoes, the smell of wool close to your cheek as you are pulled into an embrace that makes you heart beat a little bit faster ......but all those work best when it is actually fall.

So yes, fall appropriate items are going to start to go up this weekend. But I am leaving summer ones up too for the next few weeks. I know you still want a pretty new summer dress at the end of the season - right? One that is fresh and crisp and has not sat on a rack for 6 months and been tried on a gazillion times? One you can get and wear one or 2 more glorious times before you tuck it carefully away, ready to pull out for next spring. I know I do, and I figure there are probably at least a girl or two out there like me. So for you they will be there.

I never did follow rules well and ones made by an ambiguous industry that tries to tell me to follow trends to look like women most of us never will look like is certainly not very high on my list to try to behave and follow their rules for.

Nope, not going to happen.

So its still summer at Shrimpton and in amongst the new fall items there might just pop up a pretty summer dress you have not seen yet.

Afterall, I have a few more patio lunches to do yet - you?


Yin Yee said...

Wonderful write-up! I think both summer and fall have their merit. I love the ease of summer clothes -- colours & dots! -- but I also like the mood of fall -- all sophistication and restrained elegance. And who says fall/winter has to be black? I hope you are having colours in your fall collection! Dots and colours (did I say dots and colours?) are as lovely in fall as they are in summer, probably more! Beauty is beauty year round!

Magarite Elaine said...

I'm a summer girl too! I feel like designers just want to rush over summer and dive right into fall. So keep those summer things up and fight the power :)!

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