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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen visited Toronto recently and during their interview over at the Much Music Studios they both attributed their outfits as being vintage. That gets them bonus points in my books right off - I declare them honorary Shrimpton Girls!

I think they look pretty cool although Ashley could have added a belt. I love the loose over-sized look at times, but only if you are showing a mile of leg to balance it out.

And where in the hell are those shades from on Mary-Kate?? I want em!

What do you think? Love it or hate it?


Magarite Elaine said...

LOVE IT! These outfits definitely get my seal of approval. Those shades look like the latest aviators from Prada's line but I could be TOTALLY wrong on that.

Shrimpton Couture Blog said...

If you want a treat check out Decades (on Melrose) or Lily et Cie (that's in Beverly Hills), but bring the gold card - they are celebrity hot spots and mucho $$$$$.

Those places MIGHT just buy off certain sites and then mark up the stuff in-store - just a secret tip....tee hee. Wasteland on Melrose is also a great spot and not quite as pricey.

OR...you can always go to a certain FABULOUS pink & grey website and you can get your vintage sent no matter where you happen to be in the world


Yin Yee said...

Love it! Particularly love Mary-Kate's do -- the dress, the belt, the shoes, the shades. Ooh lovely! Ashley's nice too but I think a belt and some cheer on her outfit -- prints, dots, brighter colours -- would make it better. Thanks for sharing.

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